Easter – Rebirth!

It’s raining here at the foot of Mt.Kenya, can hear the light tap of raindrops on the tin roof and the rumble of thunder in the distance. We’ve been down with some type of flu, but thankful to have a quiet place to rest awhile.

It’s a week past Easter and has me remembering the privilege  we had to worship in truth and Spirit with loved ones back in the states and other dear ones who joined via modern technology!  Fellowship, never perfect, but welcomed and deeply cherished.

What a gracious gift we who are called children of the living God are blessed with!  Spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear and be eternally changed by the Word of God!

Jesus has chosen us!

i rejoice!

May this springtime find you rejoicing as well, not only at the blooms and freshness of the season, but because Jesus has given you new life in Him!