Novels & Music Notes!

Well, we’re over the big hurdle…the release of “Every Time it Rains” on May 28th was a huge success! Thanks so much for tuning in and celebrating this long awaited event!

Shot in the fabulously, breathtaking Quiraing, it boasts amazing scenery, and if you watch all the way through, there’s a tribute to Scotland and the Stone of Destiny! So much history here that I’ve been fascinated with since I was a little girl…

I suppose that’s why my very first novel, William Ridley and the Celtic Cross is set amid these beautiful landscapes! It’s funny, I was reminded the other day of when I had reached 40,000 words. In January, I was doing some serious editing…shaving down from a whopping 107,000+ words…but enough about stats.

It’s an inspiring story that began with a dream…then took on a life all it’s own. I hope you’ll join William on this journey…the first of a series…which God willing, will be available soon.

Check out the new William Ridley and the Celtic Cross page!