Music Store & Novel Notes *

It’s November and I’m loving the cooler weather, beautiful autumn colors and fabulous fresh air!

Just past covid, and starting to feel a bit more like myself…I like that! It’s also allowed me the energy to update a few things here on the website. Hope you’ll take a look around and check out the music store. So far, it’s CDs, individual and the 3 CD bundle in case you can’t decide…but I’m hoping to add more merchandise in the coming months…

Including…my novel, William Ridley and the Celtic Cross! It’s coming along, but again, having covid really put a damper on my energy levels. So, I’m still working out the finishing touches on editing, while considering publishing options.

Along with that…I’ve got an exciting new music video in post production – “Praise You Lord of All” Can hardly wait to release this one…if all goes well, it will be my Christmas present to you, my precious friends!

On a sad note, I’ve lost some dear friends in the past year. While I am grieving their absence, I am also so thankful to have known each of them and been so very blessed by their sweet friendship. Cindy, Esther, Nanci, Gloria and Dianna – I miss you all, but trust the Lord’s perfect plan, and that we will see each other again on the other side. Prayers to your families.

When the novel is complete, that will free up more time to blog…so hopefully, my next installment won’t be so long down the road. Thanks so much for your kind words, your prayers and encouragement. It’s a huge blessing to have you along on this journey. Till next time, sending Love, Hugs & Prayers.