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Songs & Stories for Life!

Welcome to Connie MacLeod’s Musical Journey!

From humble beginnings, by the light of Il Padrino’s pizza parlor, music has been my passion, providing the pleasure of meeting people & performing all across the globe. Be it a Bavarian resort, the silver screen or concert stages across the USA, Scotland or remotest Kenyan villages, it’s my fondest wish to lift your spirits with my songs & stories!

Here’s a recent jam session with my talented brother Jim Steel ~ January 26, 2024. Missed it? Click the picture for the replay.

Or, get cozy with a nice cuppa, enjoy the warm desert breezes & meet some amazing people from our Kenyan adventures in “Praise You, Lord of All”

From the time I was a little girl, Scotland has held a wondrous place in my heart. On my very first visit, I encountered a storm rolling over Ben Nevis and vowed someday, God willing, to return. Here is the love song I wrote that stormy night to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Scotland!

Ocean Bird Shoot – Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

With 5 full albums, a treasury of unreleased songs, video production & novel writing to boot, you may wonder where my inspiration comes from. Interestingly, while living in Nashville, I wrote songs almost daily…when I thought I had something to say. They come now with longer intervals between creations, but oh, the lyrics are so much richer in value for the weary soul.

Divine Intervention!

It just so happens, when I was 16, I flat lined. Yeah, I actually died!!! Mom always said that could explain a few things….but, that’s when something wonderful happened!

I met Jesus…and He told me, “Connie, go back. It’s not time yet.”

First Single – Love Me/White Horse

Every day is a precious gift, so, I try to honour the God who gave it to me by sharing His immense Love for us. Jesus really, truly loves you! And that makes life, difficult as it is, worth the living. Imagine…that may be why you’ve arrived here at this very moment!

Have a listen!

May these songs provide a renewed sense of joy, peace, healing and encouragement from the only true source of Hope…Jesus!

Early cover idea ~ from my Family Crest.

* William Ridley and the Celtic Cross is nearing publication! The cover, perfectly crafted by Warren Design is a cracker ~ soon to be revealed! There’s still a ton of work to do, including a novel/music tour, so check back for details as we near this exciting event!

From Scotland with love! Here’s a wee peek at our Ben Nevis climb.

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