Forever ~ Steve Perry

So often, God puts people on my heart to pray for,

some I know well, others, I have never met..

Steve Perry is one of those people dear to my heart.  One of my first concerts was to see Journey at the Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey!  Loved Neal Schon on guitar, Ross Valory on Bass, Steve Smith on Drums and Jonathan Cain on keyboard…a wonderfully perfect combination of musicians, songs and all the right stuff at just the right time!

But, more than anything, I was memorized by Steve’s amazing gift of conveying a song with such power, passion and emotion!

As a songwriter, I’ve always thought it would be an honor if he were ever to sing one of my tunes.  Then one night a few years back, I had a dream that I was jamming with the band!!  It was so cool, and soon as I awoke, inspired, I went right to the piano and wrote, “Forever.”  It still surprises me how it flowed out within a few moments time, yet how timeless the message is, and as it was pouring out, I heard not my voice, but Steve Perry’s, singing the lyrics, clear, strong and passionately!

Recently, I heard, and was touched deeply by his endearing love story with Kellie Nash, survivors, so blessed to have found each other, with time and a love some only dream about!  His boyish charm showed in how he shyly asked a friend to speak to her on his behalf.  That’s a gentleman!  But how incredibly heartbreaking for them to be parted so soon after finding each other.

It is my prayer, that if you Steve are to hear this song, that it would be a great comfort to you…a reminder, that the one who made the heaven’s and the earth and everything in it, designed for you and your dear Kellie to meet when you did, share what you shared and by His grace alone, if we are surrendered to Jesus, you will see your beloved again… where there is no more sickness, no more pain, no more sorrow…only joy, amid the glory of our great God!!!


If we had never met, I’d have never known how wonderful this life could be
I’ve found a friend in you to last throughout all time
& you know that you can count on me
To be there if you ever call my name
Keep passion burning on this lovin flame

~  Chorus  ~
And I’ll love you Forever
I promise you, you’ll always have my heart
From daybreak through nightfall
Whether we’re together or apart
I’m yours, your mine, throughout all time
And I’ll love you (I will love you) Forever!

It’s a simple twist of fate that brought us face to face
and changed my darkness into light
There’s never been a doubt that we were meant to be
Cause nothing else has ever felt so right
Every day we spend our love grows stronger
Let’s tell the world that we belong together, Forever…
~ Repeat Chorus ~

You can listen to and purchase this song now on Rough Cuts from the Castle!

c. 1997 Connie (Blackwood) MacLeod
Recorded and Orchestrated by Jody Harris ~ Nashville, TN
Photograph by David Foster