I Wish You Well - CD

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  • Original Release Date: November 29, 2001
  • Digital Release Date: December 15, 2007
  • Label: Connie Blackwood
  • Copyright: © 2002 Connie Blackwood
  • Total Length: 48:17
  • Genres: Summer - Easy Listening - Soft Rock

To put you in a summery mood...let Connie take you to the beach to enjoy the flight of an Ocean Bird, the mysterious sounds of Whales and the lighthearted romance on Sunny Stretch of Beach. The title cut, I Wish You Well, resonates in so many ways. Dive in and enjoy this fabulous collection of classic Connie songs.

Reviewed April 16, 2003 - L Armstrong (USA) 4.0 out of 5 Stars


Connie (Blackwood) MacLeod has played a number of clubs including House of Blues in the Orlando area. As an actress, she's done a number of films including "From Earth to the Moon" directed by Sally Field. Her music on "I Wish You Well" has full bodied vocals with mostly mid-tempo melodies and lyrics that lift up your heart. She writes her own songs. The title track is a friendly breakup song. "You're the One" has a pretty, somewhat sentimental melody. "Ocean Bird" has a bit more bite with some snarling electric guitar behind the pop chorus; and I understand there's a music video for this track. Sindy Lee's flute gives a breezy jazz feel to "Sunny Stretch of Beach." "All I Want Is A Kiss" is a bit more lusty melody with Connie's come-hither vocals. My 3 favorite tracks all come two-thirds of the way through: "My Angel" is a lovely ethereal melody with angelic background vocals. "We're Special" is a positive thinking anthem with a bit of down home flavor as Connie sings, "God never made any junk & I like what he's done with me." "I Need to Feel" is a slow melody with a stately lyric and works exquisitely well. "I'm Listening" is a light-hearted track. The CD concludes with the ethereal "The Whale Song" with Ennis Pruitt's flute beckoning like a whale song. This is a good set with some excellent material from a talented songwriter. Enjoy!
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