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In these difficult times, Connie’s music is a kaleidoscope of HOPE!

From the stage of the Grande Ole Opry, to the remote villages of Samburu, Kenya, to front yard – lock down concerts, Connie travels the globe, sharing encouraging music & stories at fairs, festivals, concerts, cafe’s, arenas & graced the global airwaves via song placement in film, radio & television productions.

This winsome, lovely artist is passionate for encouraging everyone she meets along the way! 

In her own words…

…When I was 16 years old, I flat lined…, really, I died, which certainly could explain a few things, but…

That’s when something wonderful happened!

His voice was so tender, He said, “Connie, go back, it’s not time yet!”

Every day is a gift!

So, I try to honor the God who gave it to me, by sharing His immense Love for us.  He, and I mean Jesus, really, truly loves you!!!

Maybe that’s why you’ve arrived here at this moment!



Every Time it Rains

Now Live on YouTube

~ Connie MacLeod Music ~

Filled with breathtaking views of Sky, a fabulous treat for anyone longing for a little adventure during lock down, especially if you’d like to be in Scotland! 

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Rough Cuts From the Castle encompasses some of Connie’s songs featured on indie films along with major network shows, One Life to Live, Melrose Place & The Young & the Restless.

Here’s a wee taste, featuring –  Jody Harris on Guitar

~ Forever ~


Coming soon…



~   A Novel   ~


 ConnieMacMusic – YouTube

Timeless ~ A fab new song with Brian Glover!  Live from Kirkintilloch Canal Festival

I Believe

Back to that Summer Premier at CULCREUCH CASTLE!  Starts out with Frodo, Fare Thee Well – written with Ennis Pruit & nearly featured in Lord of the Rings 3!

His Word

Ocean Bird


Connie Live at Celtic Connections 2019 – Audio



All titles available on iTunes


We can believe in a lot of things…

but when it comes right down to where we’ll spend eternity,

what matters most is who you believe in!

His name is Jesus.

He said He was God.

He proved He was God.

The world hated Him so much,

they carried out God’s plan of Salvation through

the only Savior who loved us enough to give His life for us.


I pray you’ll…”Run to Him, Just the way you are…

He loves you, surrender to His love…for that’s God’s plan!”

Thanks for taking a wee walk through my website!

© 2019 Connie MacLeod