William Ridley & the Celtic Cross

When demonic forces descend upon William Ridley at the ancient ruins of Tantallon Castle, God, Himself intervenes, leaving behind a silver cross and dubbing him, “Defender of the Faith.”

As William’s faith grows, he is catapulted into an epic battle with an unseen enemy. But will this new found title be enough to save his family, his friends and the girl he loves from a fast approaching disaster?

Here there be dragons as William Ridley and the Celtic Cross steps across the precipice of authentic faith.

William’s love story covers 8 years of exciting adventures, set amid legendary visuals of Scotland, entwining her rigorous and often bloody history with authentic supernatural, spiritual warfare and most importantly, Hope in life’s darkest situations!

*** The editing is finally complete! ***

While there’s still a lot of work that needs to happen, I’m so excited William’s story is one step closer to being published. My prayer is William Ridley and the Celtic Cross will deliver lighthearted joy, a wiser path through the hard things life throws at us and most importantly, hope for eternity through Christ.

A great big thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Steve Brown at Key Life Ministries. Steve has been such a wonderful encouragement, guiding and teaching a new writer along the way. And, he will be sharing more about WRCC on his radio and video broadcasts.!

So, stay tuned for more as the publishing process moves forward.