William Ridley & the Celtic Cross

An evil storm is brewing over the ancient ruins of Tantallon Castle, yet, with the unexplained appearance of a silver Celtic Cross, William Ridley is dubbed, “Defender of the Faith.”

Catapulted into an epic battle with demonic forces, they wreak havoc on his family, friends and the girl he loves. One is in deadly peril…and even his new found title won’t stop what’s coming.

Here there be dragons as William Ridley and the Celtic Cross leaves you dangling over the precipice of authentic faith.

A love story, set amid legendary visuals of Scotland, entwining her rigorous and often bloody history, William Ridley and the Celtic Cross bursts with authentic supernatural, spiritual warfare and most importantly, Hope in the darkest of times.

William Ridley & the Celtic Cross...Its time has come

I’m so excited William’s story will not only be available soon, but I believe will help many struggling through these difficult times.

Steve Brown from Key Life Ministries will be sharing more about WRCC on his Key Life Ministries radio show and video blog…so stay tuned for more as the publishing process goes forward.