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Rough Cuts from the Castle!

Epic Journey-esque guitar ballads,

dreamy love sonnets, and vulnerable fragility,

encompassed in vibrantly lush vocals,

deliver a passionate call to the chivalrous…

The best choice in music for every “Hope-Full Romantic.”

Get yours on CD Baby or iTunes – worldwide!

Released ~ August 28, 2018


Waiting for My King

The Wait is Over!

Inspiration to navigate the daily mess,

recorded by Connie in the wild Samburu bush country of Kenya!

Released – May 14, 2017

~   Available on iTunes & CD Baby ~



After 14 years of silence,

the light of Christ comes bursting through.

Encouraging, soothing hope for the weary soul.



& CD Baby  

Released – December 11, 2016


I Wish You Well

This soft rock artist inspires with thought provoking lyrics wrapped around lush vocals that resonate within you long after she’s left the stage. It’s easy listening with an edge to lift your heart and spirit.

~   Available on iTunes & CD Baby ~

I Wish You Well is popular in Japan too!

Released – January 1, 2002


Film & Television Production Inquiries

are handled through Cindy Badell-Slaughter at Heavy Hitters Music

Heavy Hitters Music Group LLC
440 Western Ave., Suite 101
Glendale, CA 91201
Phone 818.246.1250

Heavy Hitters Logo

Heavy Hitters has an Emmy award winning catalog of

vocal and instrumental songs to choose from.

Cindy Badell-Slaughter is an experienced go to industry pro!

Her musical savvy,
& great ear for a great song
can provide the right music to perfect your film or television production!


John Blanche Recording Studios

Looking for an excellent state of the art studio,

with an amazing team of recording professionals?

State of the art recording at John Blanche Recording Studios, Longwood, FL
State of the art recording at John Blanche Recording Studios, Longwood, FL

Check out John Blanche Recording Studios in Longwood, FL

240 East Palmetto Ave., Suite 100
Longwood, FL 32750
ph: 407-830-8555


John is a Grammy Award Winning Engineer!

With years of expertise in the music industry,
credits with top name acts at Criteria Studios,
John’s studio and staff are warm & inviting,
excellent partners for your musical project!









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