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First Album of Love Songs in Years!

Just a quick update here from Connie…

Hope everyone is doing well today!  I’ve been sitting in a comfy, cozy chair watching the steady rain outside the window, and the clouds moving fast across the sky…there’s some blue up there!  It’s been a busy week, working, and saying goodbye to dear friends who have passed beyond the veil.  Please pray for their families, for God’s comfort as they grieve.

But we don’t grieve as one who has no hope…in fact, there is great hope…can’t stop talking about Him!  You know, Jesus!  He is our greatest hope and help in troubled times.  So whatever you might be going through, I pray you will find peace and comfort in the one who loves you beyond what we can understand!

I’ve been blessed with many songs and stories over the years…and some of them have been lingering in the recesses of my computer way too long!  In fact, there’s one song in particular that I hope you’ll be as excited about and fall in love with as much as I have called Forever!  You can read more about it on the Steve Perry page, but that’s the 1st cut on my latest album called, “Rough Cuts from the Castle!”  The album was to be released way back in 2005, but due to a lot of things, she never got out of the box…so here we are 13 years later, and we sit on the precipice of release.

The songs are something of my life story, a journey of epic adventures and chivalrous deeds, and while some have appeared on television and film, others have only whispered from the deepest chambers of my heart, in ways I pray will encourage, inspire and give hope to the romantics out there!

Release date is set for August 28, 2018 ~ However, there’s a pre-sale that launches on 8/8/18!  Keep a weathered eye out for what’s to come.  And please feel free to sign up for my newsletter, so you won’t miss a note!

Take care weary travelers, you are loved and prayed for!!

Connie :>}On the way to Oban copy-001 to feature tracks from Connie’s new album, ‘Waiting for My King’

Ok everybody, I’ve kept ya in suspense long enough!

The exciting news is…

All the music I recorded in Kenya, sans the ambient sounds, (ie. camels, roosters, goats, etc) has come together on an album called, “Waiting for My King” which will be released world wide this Sunday, May 14th, on iTunes and CD Baby.

To mark the occasion,, 100.8 FM in Cumbernauld, Scotland has added selections from “Waiting for My King” and, “The Plan” to their playlist!

Click here for the full story and pics from my visit to the studio

Airplay kicks off this Sunday, May 14th at 9:30 pm (Scotland time) when Bill Anderson will be featuring “Breaking Free,” with a wee interview, including, the story behind the song on his weekly show, “My Kinda Music.”

Additionally, Rod Marshall will air “I Believe” on his show, “Cutting Tracks” Thursday, May 18th starting at 10 pm.  Rod’s the voice on the What’s On guide, which I had the fun privilege of recording with him to air this week.

And, Leslie-Ann Scoular has picked up “I Believe” for her “Simply Country” show that airs Friday evenings at 9 – 11:00 PM (Repeat airs Saturdays, 11 AM – 1 PM).

May the music take you places you never thought you’d venture!

Thanks so much for your support in the journey, buying the album (I’ll post the links soon as they’re live), tuning in, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and all those social media places, for praying and most especially for your friendship!

With many, many thanks for sharing in my exciting news!  Please pass it along!

Lots and lots of love & hugs,

Connie Connie MacLeod - Waiting for My King - CD CoverRevival - Connie w:Bill Anderson - Studio

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Exciting News Coming this Week!

A Very Happy Spring to Everyone!

It’s been a lovely few days here in Scotland, beautiful sunshine, blooming flowers, birds singing new lambs and my favorite, baby Clydesdale down the street!

All this wonderful new birth is cause for joy, and there’s something new just around the corner in the music department.

First, I’d like to say a great big thanks to everyone who ordered or downloaded “The Plan”  It seems to be doing well and songs like “I Believe” and “You Are My Everything” are getting airplay and bringing folks hope and encouragement!  I pray that you are blessed by what you hear!

Additionally, I’ve got some good news to share coming up in just a few days….

So, keep tuned in for the big announcement,


August Evening at Middle Earth!

I like to call this place Middle Earth…cause it’s about as close as you can get!

It’s a chilly evening here on the equator after a lovely sunny day!  Crickets are chirping and I’m about to dive into another writing session.  Working diligently on a book titled “Celtic Cross.”  I’m hoping it will inspire and encourage all of us to continue through the trials, heartaches and difficult situations living in a sinful world can bring.

The great news is that Jesus is so much bigger than any of our problems…He has shown Himself mighty so many times…rescuing me from spitting cobras, brush fires, tribal uprisings, terrorist attacks, huge tarantulas and scorpions…and all the everyday stuff that wears you thin and would keep a body from pressing on.

Most recently, I was struggling, discouraged and honestly a bit depressed…but in that, prompted to pick up my guitar and sing praises.  Halfheartedly I began a wonderful song taken right from scripture, my broken voice taking a lot of effort to eek out the song, yet, it is right to praise the Lord in every circumstance, because He can hear our hearts despite the corruption of the body.

“Your love oh Lord, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness stretches to the sky…”

As I reached the chorus, I felt something tenderly brush up against my shoulder, like the wings of a bird.  Now being in Africa, and dodging all kinds of deadly crawling things, it frightened me…I thought, “Is this gonna require the fly swatter or the machete?”  But looking around, nothing was amiss…  Upon resuming the song, a great big smile and laugh rang out as I realized the lyric I had been singing at that moment….

”I will find my strength in the shadow of your wings!”

God created the heavens and the earth, so to lift the veil between, with a wee touch of an angel wing, or his very own hand at that particular moment, for him is not even the blink of an eye, but I was so comforted and given an abundance of peace! Jesus does speak to us in the most amazing ways and I hope that brings comfort to you as well!

Be well and encouraged dear ones!  Fear not…for the Lord is mighty to save!!!

Hold Fast!


Easter – Rebirth!

It’s raining here at the foot of Mt.Kenya, can hear the light tap of raindrops on the tin roof and the rumble of thunder in the distance. We’ve been down with some type of flu, but thankful to have a quiet place to rest awhile.

It’s a week past Easter and has me remembering the privilege  we had to worship in truth and Spirit with loved ones back in the states and other dear ones who joined via modern technology!  Fellowship, never perfect, but welcomed and deeply cherished.

What a gracious gift we who are called children of the living God are blessed with!  Spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear and be eternally changed by the Word of God!

Jesus has chosen us!

i rejoice!

May this springtime find you rejoicing as well, not only at the blooms and freshness of the season, but because Jesus has given you new life in Him!